The Twelve-Week Challenge: Day 18

Recently I was told that great writers write when they don’t want to.  Right now, I don’t want to.  Right now, at just gone 1am, I want to go to bed.  I was at the stage of shutting down my computer before I remembered that, no, I Haven’t Blogged Today, and reluctantly opened up Google Chrome and WordPress.

Today I have been disinterested, overeating and easily grumpified.  I even fell out with The Bish, or rather he fell out with me, because I attempted to take the guinea pig (or Mini Pig, as he’s been named), Matt Damon, out of his cage, and he stomped off upstairs, hiding out under my housemate’s bed for several hours.

I know Bish is unsettled right now, and he is picking that up from me.  I still have no news about the flatshare, and I’m pretty sure that means it’s a thanks-but-no-thanks.  If that’s the case, then I still have to find somewhere to live, before I can find a job, and thus my immediate future remains unknown.  When I move, Bish is going to have to travel by far the furthest he’s ever been.  He hates going in his carry case, acquainting its arrival with either the vets, or the cattery, neither of which is a preferred option for him.  They do say moving house is stressful, and I guess that includes the finding a house too.

On the plus side, my first essay is due on Tuesday.  No, actually, technically that’s tomorrow, since it’s now 1:17am on Monday.  So while I still have words to write, by Thursday two of the essays will be in, leaving two to go, and that’s two steps closer to my dream of being essay-free.





The Twelve-Week Challenge: Day 41

I guess it’s not really surprising, considering that today is Good Friday here in the UK, but today actually has been a good Friday for me.  I’ve applied for a job, found several others to apply for, and done some research into my Janet Evanovich assignment.  And that was on top of shopping and spending time with family.

One thing I did realise today, is that the deadline for BUNAC’s Work America Programme closes in four days.  Four days!!  I hadn’t realised the deadline was so soon.  This means that I now have around three days to decide whether to take up the opportunity of those nice people at the US Embassy offering me student work visa for the summer, for the last time.  It’s very tempting, and it’s probably the last opportunity I’ll have where someone hands me a US visa on a plate.  But the sensible part of me just wants to settle down with a job and somewhere to live; not to delay the start of my future life any longer.  I’m torn; I really don’t know what to do.  As well as me, there’s also my cat, The Bish, to a consider.  He’s currently residing in a local cattery, which I’d booked him into when I thought I was going to China.  As I’d decided to visit my mum, and have a week in London, I decided to leave him to have a little holiday.  Although I’m not sure he will be so happy about it when I pick him up in just over a week.  Anyway, I’m not sure if I could leave him as he’s getting older now.  But as I’ve always said, I wouldn’t want to be stopped from doing something like going abroad by a pet, but it is difficult.  He is part of me and has got me through some difficult times.  I’ve missed him while he’s been away this week.  While we still have Matt Damon, the guinea pig (I’m not sure I ever told you that story, but I’ll save it for another day), it’s just not the same as cuddling Bish.

So, if anyone has any suggestions for what I should do, in the next stage of my life, answers  on an e-postcard are always welcome.

The Twelve-Week Challenge: Day 34

I thought I would get this blog post done well in time, as I don’t want to have egg on my face for the third day in a row, by having it be late yet again.  Luckily, I have more positive activity to report, and on top of that, I’ve also done housework today (I seriously contemplated entitling this post “Jodie Orton in Hoovering Shocker!”).

If you read Day 33, then you’ll know that I was working on my dissertation today.  I decided to concentrate specifically on the third chapter, which is about Harvesting the Heart by Jodi Picoult.  While thumbing through the book for inspiration, I ended up reading through the last 200 pages, and making three pages of quotes, which was roughly 1500 words.  Although I won’t use all of them, it was worth doing, because I really I haven’t read the book since I started my dissertation more than 18 months ago.

I have started going through the chapter and working out where I can put the quotes in, and that will be my next job, probably in the morning.  Right now I don’t feel the pressure’s on so much that I need to work into the night.  I guess that will probably change by next week though.

Aside from that, I haven’t applied for any jobs today.  I have kind of shelved that, for now, while I finish my dissertation.  I figure there is always going to be places to go whether I have a job or not, but for now I best actually get myself to the point where I have that choice!  I did receive a reply from a publishing company with whom I applied for a job in Dubai; although they told me I hadn’t been shortlisted, they would keep my details and let me know if anything suitable came up.  I’m sure they say that to all the girls, but for today, at least, I feel special.

Well I promised you news of housework, and here it is.  Recently our vacuum cleaner broke, and tonight while doing our food shop we picked a new one up.  Unfortunately, Matt Damon recently moved in, and he makes such a mess!  Sadly, I’m not talking about THE Matt Damon, more about a guinea pig named by my Chinese housemate, Ruby.  Well he’s still alive, not having been eaten by The Bish yet, in fact I think they are friends.  The only problem is that Matt has a tendency to chuck sawdust out of his cage in the kitchen, and it gets trodden through the house.  As someone who firmly believes my fridge magnet which reads “There’s more to life than housework”, I have somewhat surprisingly been desperate to hoover up.  Tonight, after our return from the supermarket, I got my opportunity.  And although I feel better, I’m not quite sure what all the excitement was about.  I realise I’m not making a good advertisement for myself as a Domestic Goddess, but, well, that was never going to happen anyway, because quite frankly, there is more to life than housework.

So that’s pretty much all I have to say for today.  But I will be back again tomorrow.