Let’s Read and Make-up

A few months ago I wrote a blog about doing my make-up on the tube on the way to work, all the while being eyeballed by a little girl. Today, I was also doing my make-up on the train, although I’m glad to say this is a one-off, as I am at least organised enough to make-up my face nowadays before I leave the house.

As I painted my face, the little girl, who was about nine, read her copy of Stylist magazine.

Since I moved to Twickenham, I no longer get a copy of Stylist every Wednesday. The guys outside Twickenham station try to give me a copy of City AM every day, but who wants that financial mumbojumbo (not me anyway – probably those that have loads of money already and are in the business of making more).

Anyway, I’m glad the little girl got her copy. At least someone around here knows her priorities.