Gin City

So Wednesday night I had my first taste of that old mother’s ruin, gin. I have to say I’ve avoided it in the past because of the myth that it makes you depressed. And while I do need help with lots of things, I’m quite an expert in being depressed thank you very much.

Watered down with bitter lemon (oh, the irony) it didn’t actually taste too bad. I washed it down with two pints of Peroni and some Thai food.

I have to admit, I started out the morning after being far too depressed. About everything. Work, finding somewhere to live, my love life, or lack of it. I did have a good cry into my pillow.

But I got myself out of bed, and into the shower. Did my make-up (at home – aren’t you impressed?) and ran a brush through my hair. My reward? The beautiful sunshine that covered my commute that morning.

Some of my Facebook friends did tell me off for paying too much attention to the two-tone birds. And with the gin, maybe I am letting myth and legend rule my life too much. But it can be hard to accept that life is just a bitch sometimes, so to find something to blame it on, such as magpies or gin, makes life a lot easier.

Thursday night I met my best friend, Fen, who I helped move to London two weeks ago. It was so amazing to just meet up after work, have food (Chinese of course, since Fen is Chinese and I am half-Chinese by association) and have a girly chat. I have missed that. While we are very similar, we are also quite different. Fen doesn’t get overruled by emotion the way I do. Which means that when I’m losing my head she can be my voice of reason.

I woke up yesterday morning feeling a lot calmer than I have in days, and it is because I know, slowly but surely, that my life is changing. More specifically, changing for the better.

I probably always will listen to old wives’ tales and be superstitious (Although I never walk under ladders, more for the fact I don’t want to risk getting a pot of paint on my head). I will always believe in fairy tales. But fairy tales can be rewritten, and I proved that myself in the writing of The Princess and the Epiphany. Myths and legends have been around since the earth began, and it is these tales that have inspired centuries of human beings to become heroes. But the hero’s path is not an easy one, as I’ll explain in my next blog.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Rob
    Oct 11, 2014 @ 11:28:02

    Just popping on to say “hi.” Trying to catch up on you blog. You’ve been writing a lot, which I’m happy about. Keep your chin up. 🙂


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