The Magpie was Right

Yesterday, after I blogged about the magpies, I spotted one solitary magpie on top of the roof opposite my office building. This was obviously a departure from the duos I had been spotting lately. As I mentioned in yesterday’s blog, seeing one magpie usually means something not-overly-nice is about to happen.

As the day went on, I wondered what that something would be. Work was ok. I visited a friend in hospital which was fine. Arriving at home, my housemate was very apologetic and we had a very civilised discussion.

But it was before I got home that did it. I also mentioned yesterday that I wanted to call my male friend. Well last night, I did. And it was great, just like old times. Until we got onto the subject of his love life.

And I realised that nothing has changed in the last week and a half since we stopped “being friends”. I still can’t ignore the way I feel, and I can’t help being jealous. Even though I want him to find the happiness he deserves.

Today I saw the single magpie again. I couldn’t see if he had any friends nearby, so I can only guess he’s flying solo. Like me.

Hopefully soon the magpie couples will return, to tell me that after my latest detour, I’m back on the right track.


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