All in a Day’s Work

After what’s been a very emotional week, I enter the weekend with a smile on my face. I count two reasons for this. One, I’m on my way to Manchester to help my best friend and her boyfriend move to London. Two, I have actually made some progress, albeit small, in the pursuit of my elusive career.

Recently I enquired about a copywriting job with the company I work for. While I didn’t get an interview due to my lack of professional writing experience, the Senior Copywriter for the company offered to meet with me to give me some advice.

When I turned up for the meeting today, not only did I meet the Senior Copywriter, but she also brought along the Editorial and Content Manager. Between the two of them, they gave me some excellent advice about the kind of experience that would help me should I apply for that type of role in the future, qualifications I could look into getting and other types of roles that I could consider. They also told me that while my blog demonstrates that I can write, potential employers will want to see how I can promote them and their brand. My blog, due to the personal nature of it, promotes me as a brand.

This meeting has certainly given me lots to think about. Over the last year I have been questioning whether I actually want a position that is your basic, writing job. For example, would I really want to be a product writer? My writing is very creative, and while I don’t write much in the way of fiction, I do like to tell a story with my blogs. If I had a writing job where the creativity is stripped away to the bare bones, would I be happy with that? Of course, this may be a stepping stone to a job with a more creative type of writing, but I don’t want to be put off writing before I even get there, and apparently these kinds of roles have a very high turnover of staff.

Writing a novel is the dream for most writers, myself included. But the truth is, I love writing my blogs. I enjoy blending the autobiographical with popular culture and everyday life. Right now, I could probably say that my ideal job would be to write this blog, perhaps in a magazine or newspaper column.

So basically, I won’t be stopping this blog any time soon. However, I do need to start branching out with my writing if I want to start applying for writing jobs.

As well as the career advice I received this week, I also stepped over a mental hurdle. I had been worried for some time about telling my boss that I wasn’t particularly happy in my job. Those three weeks in June where I had nowhere to live still haunt me, and being on a fixed-term contract, I worry about ending up in London without a job. While getting emotional at work is not recommended, it did help me this week when I had to explain to my boss on Thursday why I was in floods of tears.

While I gave her a basic outline of the week’s events and my general dissatisfaction with life, I also took the opportunity to tell her how I was feeling about work. How I was unhappy doing the same job as I had been doing before my degree, how I wanted to pursue a career that was more writing-based and how the one-year anniversary of my graduation ceremony was really pressing my need to get back onto the path of seeking the career I can be passionate about.

Rather than giving me a grilling she was supportive, encouraging me to seek out some evening classes that could help with my writing dream, and reassuring me that this is a job to pay the bills with while I am pursuing my dream job.

To have had that conversation with her was a relief. While my contract was extended by three months earlier in the week, I no longer feel like I should live in fear that this conversation could put me out of a job.

As if to underline the two career-related conversations I’ve had this week, the most recent issue of Stylist magazine has an article on evening courses.

Perhaps the most inspirational message I received this week though was on a visit to this train’s WC. Proof that creativity can exist everywhere, not least on anti-toilet-blocking signs, only makes me want to discover mine even more. So I certainly won’t be flushing my dreams down the loo anytime soon.



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