I was right about the 80s Pop

It’s been a tough few days. There’s been a hell of a lot of tears, and some difficult decisions. I’ll tell you about that another day, because this is only a short commuting blog, and by some miracle, I did make the train, despite getting my arm stuck in the door (don’t try this at home folks). Anyway, that means I should be at work on time(ish) and so there’s no time for a long blog now. But tomorrow, I promise.

As I was saying about 80s pop. Well I was saying…in between writing I just changed trains but missed the connecting train…some you get, some you lose I guess. Anyway, 80s pop! In the shower this morning my mind was taken over by the Wham! song, If You Were There, the first song on their Greatest Hits album, The Best of Wham!. While it’s not as fun as some of their others, it put me in a good mood. And as I sit here waiting for the train to leave, listening to Freedom, I know Wham! was the right choice for my journey this morning.


So my eyes may be puffy still from crying, but I feel like they have a little sparkle back. You can ride the wave through the tough times, and it is possible to come out the other side smiling. Even if it’s only your eyes that do right now.

Freedom – Wham! (1984)

If You Were There – Wham! (1984)


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