I’m Still Here

Greetings All,

You may think I have fallen into a big hole and can’t get out, which would account for my lack of blogs. Well, you may be right. The big black hole of doubt has swallowed me up and left me unable to do anything the last month.

I feel today though like I am making my way out, and in the words of my favourite anti-depressant, Gloria Estefan, I’m Coming Out of the Dark. Gloria wrote the song after the tour bus in which she was travelling collided with a speeding truck. Luckily she made a complete recovery after a year of gruelling therapy.

While I haven’t been through anything as drastic as she did, I have had some dark times over the years, and when the grey cloud chooses to sit overhead I am powerless to stop it. Well, maybe not quite powerless, but that’s how it feels. And that is how it has felt the last few weeks.

I’m not out of it yet, but the last two days have seen an improvement, so I’m going to try and hold onto that.

Coming Out of the Dark – Gloria Estefan (1991)


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