Labels on a Train

Forget me knot.

On a survey of four consecutive people getting on the train this morning, these were the words on their clothing or accessories.

Isn’t it interesting what our items say about us?

Beautiful was by no means the prettiest woman in the world, but she had her own sense of style.

Money looked like it was an aspiration, but not a current state.

Forget me knot was a fairly normal girl, but probably not one that you would forget in a hurry.

Prada looked like a fashionista to me.

Maybe we are defined by what we choose to wear or carry.

In my hand right now is my Travelcard in its case, a freebie I got from an author event given by the flowery-accessories lady, the lovely Cath Kidston. To mark the 20th anniversary of being in business, having opened her first store at the age of 34, the age I was at the event, she had written a book about the experience. At the time, I couldn’t afford a copy for myself but bought two personal signed copies for friends who both love her stuff and want to go into business for themselves. The name of the book is Coming Up Roses.

So back to your items defining you. I don’t feel like it’s long now, people, until this homelessness will be behind me and I’ll be coming up roses.


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