Bottoms Down: Sad Passing of a Comedy Legend

We interrupt this lack of blogs to mention how sad the news that comedy legend Rik Mayall has died. The man who had me laughing so much as the amazingly arrogant Lord Flashheart in Blackadder, the sniggeringly annoying to grown-ups Fred in Drop Dead Fred and as one half of the best losers on telly, Richie Richard in Bottom, “and it’s another brussel sprout!”

My dad once entered a lookalike competition at a Warners Holiday Camp as Rik’s character, Rik, in The Young Ones, and was gutted to come third…being voted by fellow guests as looking more like Eastenders’ Dirty Den. Now that’s comedy.

I’ve watched a lot of Bottom since I moved to London, the slapstick stupidness of comedy that keeps me laughing through the shit that London throws at me, like my current state of homelessness. Bottom is a show about making fun out of life, no matter how desperate your situation. Thanks to Rik, and his Bessie mate Ade Edmondson, for reminding me that life in West London, Hammersmith to be specific, the place I woke up this morning, is worth laughing about.

Rest not in peace, Rik, but in bouts of hilarious laughter.


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