Musings of a Slightly-Damp Commuter

The rain rains. The sun shines. The rain rains.

Why does the rain not get its own word for what it does? Of course, the rain can lash it down, bucket it down and piss it down, but in the general term of what it does, it can only describe itself.

Maybe, like me, rain is what rain knows best. It’s all it can do. Sometimes it will be a drizzly rain, hardly worth mentioning really. On other occasions it can be so torrential that hundreds and thousands count the months (and the cost) of its consequences. But at its core, that is what it is. Rain. It can never be anything else.

It can aspire to be torrential, but if this is at the detriment of others, is it really worth aspiring to?

Like the rain, I will continue to do what I can do, sometimes at the most inappropriate times. I mean, someone should really tell the rain that heavy downpours in August, our supposed summer month, are not appropriate or welcome.

At the end of the day…it gets dark. Nothing else. The rain will…rain. The sun will do what it does so much more gloriously, and shine. I will try to channel a bit of both, using the rain to cool and calm me rather than adding to its outpouring with my own tears.


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