TFIF Dress-Down Friday!

Thank flubalubs it’s finally Dress-Down Friday. Not just because Friday signals the end of the week, and in this case for us in the UK, a long weekend with Bank-Holiday Monday, but because I finally get to wear jeans to work.

After twelve and a half years working in the NHS, where jeans were not allowed, except for the once-yearly charity event, Jeans for Genes Day, the company I now work for has Dress-Down Friday each week as one of their benefits (wow. I now have a job with benefits!).

This may not seem like much to you, but years ago, before I entered the thirty-something crisis period, I would always say “I wish I had a job where I can wear jeans to work”, usually followed by a big sigh. Workers wearing jeans usually seemed more relaxed which I guess was the appeal for me.

While I only get to wear blue jeans to work, I can get away with black jeans the rest of the week, although I wear smarter dresses and skirts too, depending on my mood. If I feel like I need to be more confident, then a dress comes out and when I get to work I slip on my heels.

While this job may not be my dream job, I have acquired that which I had dreamt of years before. It’s a denim- clad step in the right direction.


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