Get Your Legs Out For Yourself!

So according to an article in today’s Metro, the miniskirt is 50 years old. It must be pure coincidence that in my mid- (and soon to be mid-late) thirties, my skirts seem to be getting shorter.

The one I have on today is by no means a miniskirt and was in fact a gift from my mum a few months ago, however, it appears to have shrunk in the wash. Either that or it’s enjoying creeping above my knee.

I’m sure there are those who would argue that short skirts shouldn’t be worn by anyone over the age of 21, but I disagree. What’s wrong with showing a bit of leg? I mean, nobody wants to see any more than that, especially not in a work environment. But if you have the legs to do it, then why not?

I remember when I was 15, I went for my first job interview at Stapleton & Co Estate Agents in Lincoln. At the end of the interview, my future boss, who would probably have been in his 40s, told me (rather reluctantly I’m sure) that my skirt was too short. Which was a shame because it was a lovely pink one…

Anyway, that was my first lesson in office etiquette. Don’t wear short skirts to work, especially if you’re going to be doing a lot of bending down.

That was 20 years ago, and I’m not sure I’ve really learnt anything from that. I am lucky where I work that the dress code is not too strict, and on Friday we are allowed to wear jeans to work. Well blue jeans – since most people wear black jeans in the week.

I mentioned in Does My Belly Look Big in this Changing Room? that during my twenties, my legs had remained behind the denim wall of my jeans, escaping only on a rare occasion or on a beach holiday in Tenerife. But, with the possible exception of my nose (and my eyes), I think my legs are my best asset.

So, at the age of 35, I plan on getting my legs out a lot more. Maybe I will be too old to wear short skirts one day, but not yet. Hallelujah to Mary Quant and the other designers of the 60s, who encouraged girls to get their legs out. We salute you.



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