A Quiet Sanctuary

Away from the world, the spot in the garden just in front of the shed, is where I go for quiet contemplation. In the morning, the sun is bright here, and I feel its warm rays radiating through me. I hear the buzzing of a bumble bee, and some traffic on the main road. But this does not bother me.

I hear the birds cheeping, especially the green parakeets, rumoured to have escaped from a film set years ago, and have now made West London their home. They squawk as if to say “We’re free! And we love every minute of this freedom we’ve taken back! That which was rightfully ours in the first place.” Yes, the green parakeets are the loudest.

Every fifteen minutes a plane flies overhead, for my little sanctuary is on the Heathrow flight path. But this does not bother me; more it reminds me that there is a world outside this sanctuary, one that in time I will get to explore yet again. One day I will be on one of those planes.

In this safe haven, I am not alone, for the Bish sits with me. While I am here, his protector, he is safe from the bullying neighbouring cat that last week covered this lawn in tufts of his black fur. He is ageing, like me, though his time on earth will end sooner than mine. I want to give him as many days like today as I can, where we can sit in the sunshine, be a part of nature here in the wilderness, and not worry about a thing.

A squirrel just climbed the fence, nut in his mouth, wondering if he can join the solace. But his fear of theft of his prized possession is greater, and he rushes off to his own safe place.

I feel the sun’s rays cooling as the clouds begin to take over. My coffee is almost gone, and a retreat back to civilisation is necessary. I know that Bish will follow me, for this nature is not kind to him at times. He is an old boy, and just wishes for a quiet life to enjoy his last few years. He will find a comforting spot inside, maybe the sofa, perhaps my bed. And he will sleep.

The day begs of me necessary chores, and I will do my best to adhere to them. And I wait for more days like this, where I can rise and shine in peace and quiet.

The sun’s ray’s beam down warm once more, and I allow myself another five minutes, before I let the day infiltrate on my time.



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