Groundhog Day…

Every day I wake up. Press snooze. Doze. Press snooze. Doze. Snooze. Sleep. Think shit, is it that time already? Get up. Play music. Go to the toilet. Brush teeth. Switch music up a bit louder. Have a shower. Sing. Get dry. Sing. Feed cat. Do make-up. Sing. Brush hair. Dry hair. Sing a bit louder over the hairdryer. Play the song again that I couldn’t really hear properly over the sound of the hairdryer. If I have time, straighten hair. Throw coat on. Put earphones in. Look at watch. Think shit is it that time already?! Leave the house. Check the bus app. Give up waiting for bus app due to lack of internet signal at end of road. Walk quickly 10 minutes to tube. Run to platform. Miss train by centimetres. Say fuck. Get on waiting tube. Sit for seven minutes. Leave seven minutes later. Vow to be on time tomorrow. Arrive at tube. Sing to self on short walk to work. Switch music up as last chance to listen before work. Arrive late.



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