Jogga-Blog is back!

While this blog is called 33 and Lost in Life, and you expect to hear the mumblings of a thirty-something as she stumbles her way through the journey of life, I have to be careful not to grumble too much. Suffering with depression, and now being off my anti-depressants (I’ll tell you about that another time) I am susceptible to bouts of downness. After a lovely weekend away with friends, I was particularly down at being back to reality. Yesterday as I headed home after doing some overtime at work and my weekly shop, I could feel the depression seeping in. My housemate was out, so the flat was deserted except for The Bish (my cat, Harry). I knew there would be trouble ahead if I didn’t do something.

So, after unpacking my shopping and feeding Bish, I donned my jogging gear and set out to run.

Something else I need to update you on is The Sugar-Free Me Challenge. I’m well into it now, and I promise a proper update today or tomorrow.

One thing I can say is that I’ve not lost weight. As I turned onto the main road, I felt heavier than I had when I jogged this route earlier in the year. This did not bode well.

However, after my initial misgivings, I managed to run for 13 minutes without stopping. I was most impressed with myself. I was out for a total of 25 minutes, and probably 5 of those in total spent walking (which admittedly seems like a lot now!).

When I got home, I felt like the cloud had lifted. Not totally gone, but put enough at bay to have some food and relax for the rest of the night.

I still want to blog about what’s on my mind, but not yet. They say that patience is a virtue. If I blog when I’m down it shows in my writing.

Yesterday on my commute to work, there was a fog over London. Between Acton Town and Chiswick park, there is a point where you can look east towards Central London and see the skyscrapers. I make sure I take a look most days as it reminds me that I live in London . This great city. I don’t see much of it apart from this West London bubble between Chiswick, where I work, and Ealing, where I live. Yesterday, the city skyline was obscured by the fog, but I knew it was there. Like the way out of depression, I know it is there, I just have to try to follow the path. I think I shall jog and blog my way of the fog…


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