Rainbow Day

I’m on the Megabus heading North, and the weather has been a mixture of rain and bright sunshine. With it has brought several rainbows, one of which even appeared on my window, especially for me:


It reminded me that some weeks ago, I wrote a blog about rainbows but hadn’t published it. So here it is…

Today the weather in London was, for want of a better word, indecisive. Rain followed by sunny spells. Followed by rainbows. Today from the window of my office I saw three rainbows; two even appeared at the same time. 
It occurred to me that rainbows are a good metaphor for our dreams in life. Reputedly hiding a pot of gold at their tail, rainbows appear to signal the calm after the storm, the perfect concoction of sunshine and rain. If rainbows do hold a pot of gold at their end, then its illuminating spectrum points like an arrow to where X marks the spot. But blink and you’ll miss it, for they disappear as quickly as they came, leaving no trace that they were there at all. 
So let rainbows serve as a reminder that dreams are a complex journey through life. You may endure the pouring rain, but once the sun shines, your goal will be illuminated, like the bat signal shooting over Gotham City, reminding citizens that Batman is on his way to save the day. In real life though, there is no Batman. No Spider-Man. No Superman. No Austin Powers, no Jack Bauer, no knight in shining armour. We must be our own superhero. We must use that sixth-sense to alert us to where the dream waits for us, so that in the absence of the Bat signal or the rainbow, we still feel confident that we can find it again.
There will always be another rainbow. Another reminder that the pot of gold is there waiting. But rainbows are not a constant in life. They appear only during special circumstances, that perfect prescription of rain and shine. So when the dream seems far away, and the rain pours down, always remember that the sun will beam down, and with it will come your opportunity to shine.



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