Jack and the Red Telephone Box

What do you get when you mix a red phone box, a gherkin and and an extremely pissed off ex-CTU agent?

An extremely happy blogger, that’s what!!

Jack Bauer, the man you definitely want around in a crisis – and I’m not just talking about getting rid of spiders – returns to the screen this May in 24 – Live Another Day: Season 9. The man who had more bad days than John McClane makes a welcome return, and its a good job I don’t have any money since it will probably take me til May to work my way through the other eight box sets of this amazing show.

Next on my to do list is to find some nice person with Sky TV who doesn’t mind me dribbling on their carpet…

Jack is back!!!!!

20140205-203202.jpg Jack tried hiding behind his gun for the latest round of Hide and Seek


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