Some Like It Hot

How can it be that someone who used to always feel the cold now walks to work in a short-sleeved top? While I am carrying my heavy black woolen coat for my return journey this evening, I am feeling rather tropical these days. It could be because of the fact that our new flat has a temperamental heating system, leaving some of the rooms like saunas and others like an igloo, or maybe it is just my age. I’m pretty sure I’m not going through “the change” as I’m still getting periods, and usually this only happens on my way to work, when usually, I’m rushing around trying not to be late.
It’s interesting though as today was the third day I’ve walked boldly through the streets of West London, ignoring the obvious looks from passers-by and drivers wondering if I’ve completely lost my mind. There is something freeing about not wearing a big coat when society tells you that you should be wearing one. If I wore my coat the chances are I would have passed out on the walk, if not on the tube.
I don’t conform to society’s standards. I conform to my own. They may not always be right, but they are at least mine.


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  1. Rob
    Nov 27, 2013 @ 16:23:57

    Jodi! How are things going in London? I’m glad to see that you are still blogging, albeit sporadically. I hope you are doing well. And good luck with that overheating thing. 🙂


    • 33andlostinlife
      Jan 23, 2014 @ 08:00:34

      Rob! I realised that I never replied to your comment…and for that I apologise from the bottom of my heart. London is a tough city, and probably one of the reasons I haven’t blogged for about a million years. But watch this space…


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