Inspirational Women: Introduction

Some time ago, I had an idea to blog about inspirational women.  Since I started my thirty-something crisis around eight years ago (yes, well before I hit 30), I have been looking for inspirational people around me, not only in those lucky enough to become famous for what they have done but also those more closer to home. The last couple of years, during my degree, one of the subjects I enjoyed studying was women’s literature.  Here I found not only inspirational women writers, but also inspirational female protagonists.  Since I am a woman, it makes sense that I focus on the inspirational female population for this blog category, because after what women have been through, from Eve being tricked into eating a poisoned apple in the Garden of Eden, to Madonna snogging Britney at The MTV Video Awards ten years ago, women have been blamed for a lot of shit.  This is why I believe it’s important to recognise those women who have inspired me, some in a small way, others in a huge way, not just as a nod to them, but to remind myself, especially as a woman who needs some inspiration right now (read if you need enlightening), that it is possible for women to achieve greatness.

While I hadn’t intended to give a nod to any particular woman in this introduction, I would like to mention that wonderful little girl in the 1980s TV advert for the A La Carte Kitchen, who by serving baked beans and Swiss roll to her daddy for breakfast in bed, proves that you can be inspirational at any age, particularly when seeking revenge on the opposite sex.  Maybe he should have bought her a toolkit for her birthday instead  😉


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