The Twelve-Week Challenge: Day Two

Today was my second day in London, and it was a combination of being a new resident, reminiscing over my previous life in London and doing touristy stuff with my friends.  I visited Brick Lane, in London’s East End, where I lived for three months back in 1998.  I remembered how unhappy I was living there, but smiled at how it never put me off living here.

Where Brick Lane is trendy and hip, Bethnal Green is not so cool.  I lived just off Brick Lane, but Bethnal Green is where I used to go for food shopping.  Walking along Bethnal Green Road today, I felt glad that I’m now living in a better part of London, which is beautiful and leafy, and has a really good feel to it.  I know I’m going to enjoy living here, and I can’t wait to get to know the area better.

My new room is starting to look more like home now, as I unpacked most of the clothes I’ve brought and hung them in the massive floor-to-ceiling wardrobes in my bedroom.  Tomorrow I’ll be heading back to Lincoln, to collect the rest of my stuff and say my last few goodbyes, before returning to London on Friday.  Before the end of the week it’ll be time to go hell-for-leather applying for jobs, which will mean the end of my student life, and the last of having my days free.  But I can take credit from the fact that I started the next stage of my journey before the end of this challenge.  Because things do happen, if you believe that they can.



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