The Twelve-Week Challenge: Day 6

After four years, I finally handed in my last two assignments at the University of Lincoln.  The final pieces of paperwork were submitted to the Faculty Office with a minute to go, which is not quite as dramatic as it used to be, with my department having implemented online submissions earlier this year.  While I am relieved not to have any more work to do, it seems strange to think that I’m completely done with university.  All that’s left now is to receive my grades, and attend September’s graduation ceremony in my beloved Lincoln Cathedral.

This week really has been a week for finishing things.  I met four friends this week, which is the last time I’ll see them before I go. Tonight I attended the last meeting of the Lincoln Phoenix Writers’ Club, of which I am Secretary.  I have learned a lot from them about writing and hope that the next time I can attend a meeting, probably during a visit back to Lincoln to see family, will see me having written something I can actually read out at the meeting.

While I would love to chill out now, I can’t.  Tomorrow one of my American friends is coming over from LA to visit, and on Monday I shall be heading to London to take the first load of my stuff to my new place.  Wednesday will be heading back to Lincoln, before Friday will be the day I formally move, along with some more stuff and the fluffiest thing I own; The Bish.  I do worry about Bish, because driving to London will be the furthest he’s travelled, and I’m sure it’s all going to be new, so I don’t know how he will react.  All I can say is that since I found the flat, he’s been a lot calmer, and I can only guess that’s because I have been a lot calmer.

Anyway, tonight I have been busy packing, and almost forgot to write my blog, hence its lateness.  It’s all becoming so real now, and I can feel the excitement buzzing inside of me like a little kid on Christmas Eve.  Unlike Christmas Eve, however, tonight I know I will sleep, because I’m so tired.  Finally, I can go to sleep knowing that one of the biggest challenges I’ve faced in the last few years is done, and that new path is just days away, waiting for my tread.


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