The Twelve-Week Challenge: Day 7

With less than 24 hours until my final essay deadlines, it’s strange to think that by this time tomorrow my days at university will be over.  I still have two final essays to finish, but ones about three-quarters done, and the other is about halfway.  I have no doubt that they will both be in tomorrow, but I’m almost sure it’ll be afternoon before they get submitted.  One thing I do know, is that I’ll be jumping for joy once I walk out of the Faculty Office for the last time.

While you may be forgiven to think that I might take a break before plunging into anything new, think again.  My diary for the next week is full to the brim, and that includes a visit from my American friend, two trips to London, a near-naked dip in Covent Garden courtesy of Nivea and the biggie: moving house.  After 13th May, I’ll be making a full-time job of finding a job, and so while I may get to lounge around in my new apartment a little, I’m really hoping I’ll get work, at least temporary work, fairly quickly.  The relaxing time, preferably in the form of laying by a hot pool with a glass of sangria, will have to wait until later in the year.

But I don’t mind my life being busy.  This is what I’ve been working towards for years and it’s finally here.  So while tomorrow may be the day I hand my final essays in, really it’s just another tick on the huge To Do list of my life.  And I’m determined to work hard to get to where I want to be.


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