The Twelve-Week Challenge: Day 11

When I look back on the 70-odd days or so since I started this challenge, I realise that very rarely have I been lost for words.  Some blogs may have been late, some may have been written after a few glasses of wine, but usually once I decide to write the blog and get the title put in, the content flows pretty well.  But not tonight.

I have been snoozing my iPhone Have You Blogged Today?! reminder since 9pm, and regular readers will know that’s nothing unusual.  When I eventually decided to switch off my laptop and go to bed, I remembered that I still hadn’t blogged, and had to switch my laptop back on.  I got as far as writing the title…and that was about an hour ago.  The page has been blank since then.

Maybe it’s representative of my new life ahead.  It’s a blank page, a clean slate.  Like this blog, it is what I make it.

As I’ve been sorting through my shelves of books tonight, I have had to be ruthless in which ones have gone in the ‘To Go’ pile.  These books are the result of hours of shopping in charity shops, where I have often bought four books for £1 (rather than 25 pence each, meaning I come home with four books at one time, or sometimes even eight).  I think they represent something missing in my life, because of the hundreds of books I’ve acquired over the last six years or so, I have probably read less than a quarter.  Like the DVDs I used to buy before the books, it became an obsession that has taken a long time to curb.  Once I move, however, I want to start reading again, although this shouldn’t be a problem, since riding the tube is a good excuse to read.

Despite the masses of storage in my new bedroom, I’m going to try and cut down on the amount of stuff I take with me.  It’s a new chapter and a good excuse for a declutter.  Not just material things; in my mind too.  Like tonight’s blog, it might take a while to get used to the blank page of my new life.  But if I’m patient, I’ll soon know what I need to do.





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