The Twelve-Week Challenge: Day 18

Recently I was told that great writers write when they don’t want to.  Right now, I don’t want to.  Right now, at just gone 1am, I want to go to bed.  I was at the stage of shutting down my computer before I remembered that, no, I Haven’t Blogged Today, and reluctantly opened up Google Chrome and WordPress.

Today I have been disinterested, overeating and easily grumpified.  I even fell out with The Bish, or rather he fell out with me, because I attempted to take the guinea pig (or Mini Pig, as he’s been named), Matt Damon, out of his cage, and he stomped off upstairs, hiding out under my housemate’s bed for several hours.

I know Bish is unsettled right now, and he is picking that up from me.  I still have no news about the flatshare, and I’m pretty sure that means it’s a thanks-but-no-thanks.  If that’s the case, then I still have to find somewhere to live, before I can find a job, and thus my immediate future remains unknown.  When I move, Bish is going to have to travel by far the furthest he’s ever been.  He hates going in his carry case, acquainting its arrival with either the vets, or the cattery, neither of which is a preferred option for him.  They do say moving house is stressful, and I guess that includes the finding a house too.

On the plus side, my first essay is due on Tuesday.  No, actually, technically that’s tomorrow, since it’s now 1:17am on Monday.  So while I still have words to write, by Thursday two of the essays will be in, leaving two to go, and that’s two steps closer to my dream of being essay-free.





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