The Twelve-Week Challenge: Day 19

You ever have one of those days where you can’t decide what to write?  I’m having one of those right now.  I must have written ten different sentences, and deleted each one, because I wasn’t happy with what I’d written.  Day 19 seems to bother me for some reason, maybe it’s because the twenties have now been permanently left behind, and the countdown to Day Zero is moving surprisingly fast.  Maybe with 19 days to go, I haven’t got anything to report; I feel like I’m in limbo.  I’m still waiting to hear about the flatshare, and still don’t have a job.  While that shouldn’t be a problem, if the temping agencies are to be believed, it’s still a worry.  With regards to the flatshare, today I keep getting alternating feelings about it – one minute I’m feeling positive, the next I’m sure that I’ll be getting a thanks-but-no-thanks text.  Que sera sera – what will be, will be.

I guess right now it really is just a time for keeping the faith.  I do believe that things will work out.  It’s just me being impatient; I hate not knowing what is going to happen.

What I do know is that in less than 19 days, 12 days in fact, all my essays will be in, marking the end of my academic career.  Not the official end, of course, that will come in September when I get to dress up and receive a scroll at the cathedral.  But the end of uni work as I know it.

Someone asked me today if I was excited about moving.  I know I will be, once I know I have somewhere, and a date to go.  I do have the habit of getting over-excited, much like a child on Christmas Eve, and so it’s probably a good job I’m not fully excited yet, otherwise I wouldn’t be getting much sleep at all.

The prospect of that new life though glows over the hill, like the sun rising in the morning.  It’s like those early mornings, which are full of hazy fog, and it’s hard to see to the other side of the field.  But soon, the fog will lift, and it will be a warm, bright, sunshiny day.


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  1. Recruiterpoet - Professionalism With Flare
    Apr 20, 2013 @ 22:07:00

    Some days you don’t have to write. You can just observe or participate.


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