The Twelve-Week Challenge: Day 20

So I’m back in Lincoln after my two-day jaunt to London.  I’m in bed, more than ready to sleep, and Bish is fast asleep beside me, having forgiven me for leaving him.  Just need to write this then I can relax and let slumber take me.

The flatshare I viewed yesterday was a pretty cool place.  However, nobody warned me it would be like internet dating.  Apparently the current tenants will be making a decision this weekend about the person they like the most.  So if they don’t pick me, I don’t get to move in.  Whatever happened to viewing a place and then deciding whether you like it or not?  I guess I’ve been lucky in the houseshares I’ve lived in the last few years in that I’ve been living with friends, so haven’t needed to find a stranger to move into a room, or be a stranger needing a room.

This morning after I stopped in Starbucks on Oxford Street to grab a latte, I was really on a roll.  Unable to connect to their wi-fi, and with my phone’s internet not working, I was left with no choice but to work on my assignment.  I was desperate to check my emails, as I hadn’t checked them since about 7pm the night before.  But I got out my notebook, wrote about 1300 words and planned the first half of my assignment.

This afternoon I had my return trip to Lincoln on the National Express.  While my first trip on the National Express was quite enjoyable, I have now had a trip from hell, which has left me wanting to go back to taking the faster, albeit more expensive, train.

Firstly, the bus was delayed on the motorway and so was an hour late arriving, and half an hour late leaving.  By this point, the driving was already rather hacked off, so when the emergency exit alarm started going off, he hollered out for the person leaning against the door to pack it in or get off.  After hollering out again when the alarm continued, he then got on the intercom and made the same announcement slightly louder and clearer.  The guy sat at the emergency exit was baffled, and even more so when he wandered down to the front of the bus with the alarm continuing.  Once we got on the motorway, the driver pulled over and shut the properly.

Aside from the alarm incident, I also had to put up with a guy listening to shitty loud music through his earphones (though I’m not sure why he bothered with the earphones).

Anyway, I can feel my eyes starting to close, so I’d better come to an end.  The point I want to make, is that though the journey may be uncomfortable, irritating and take longer than you might expect, you will get there in the end.


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