The Twelve-Week Challenge: Day 21

Here I am back in London, Russell Square to be exact. This is where I lived the first time I left home and moved to London. I’m in the Marquis Cornwallis, a pub which technically would have been my local 16 years ago, although it wasn’t the kind of place I frequented, because, if the clientele are the same as they are today, are all “yuppies”, a term which probably hasn’t been used since the 90s, and I imagine has been replaced by “young professional”. Anyway, I’m sure you know the type, I’m hoping to become one of them.

Today I visited two recruitment agencies in a bid to establish my chances of securing temporary employment. The first, Reed, in London Bridge, was quite fortunately placed for when I came out of the tube, to find the cool sunshine replaced with rain. I dived into the office to be faced by the most Bradley Cooper-esque recruitment consultant I have ever met. After telling him about my situation, and showing him my CV, I was told that I would probably be able to get work in the NHS. I was fast going off this guy, until he told me I could probably earn about 25k (more than I had hoped to expect).

Being told I could probably get a job doing exactly what I’d been doing before my degree was not the best news I could have had right now. He told me that corporate companies were reluctant to take on staff with public sector experience like mine. He did say to contact some other branches, which will deal with different types of work. At least the sun was shining by the time I got out of there. God job he was cute too, or I would have been bringing fifty shades of mardy to the South.

Upon leaving Reed, I headed to my original London Bridge destination: Office Angels. They were the agency that I spoke to last week, and had told me that I needed to be in London before I could register for temp work. Luckily, the same girl I spoke to on the phone came to the desk, and remembered me from our phone call. Thankfully, she said that I was the kind of person that shouldn’t have any trouble finding temp work (no mention of the NHS this time thank God, or I might have thrown myself in the London Dungeons, and never come out).

So promising. I feel confident about securing employment upon moving here.

Just in case, I walked round to the building where I lived all those years ago; above the Staff Offices for the Imperial London Hotels. In the window was a sign which read “Vacancies: Receptionist/Cashier”. So I should be good to find something, even if it was my job from 16 years ago (which I hated).

In just over an hour I’m going to view the flatshare, so the outcome will decide whether I move sooner or later.

I’m getting reminded from all corners that I still have 4 essays to do. As I said last night, I will get them done, but in my own time. Even if that time has to be some time in the next two weeks.


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