The Twelve-Week Challenge: Day 24

Whereas yesterday was a busy and productive day, today has also been busy and productive, but in different ways.  Yesterday I was involved in general ways to improve my life, by jogging and gardening, but today I have concentrated once more on the areas where I need to achieve results sooner.  I did work on my essay, I have applied for several more jobs, both temporary and permanent, and have also made enquiries about a flatshare in London.


Most of the people I have spoken to (family and friends) believe that I should wait to find a job in London before moving there.  That would be the sensible option, but since I’m looking at temp jobs now as well, I don’t know how well viewed I will be seen by recruitment agencies trying to fill roles when I live 143 miles away.  Having done temp work before, it’s quite possible that an agency will phone you up and ask you to start the next day.  While I have a statement on my CV that I am willing to relocate “immediately”, the practicalities of this are somewhat not as conducive to this idea.

Of course, it’s a huge risk moving to a big city where rent and bills will be at least double and possibly triple what I pay now, without having a job.  But I do believe in taking risks, otherwise I wouldn’t be where I am today.  The rebel in me thinks I should do the exact opposite of what everyone else says, because, of course, I know best.  But do I?  Everything I’ve been through in the last few years has taught me that you have to strike a very delicate balance between taking a risk and thinking things through carefully.  Where the line is in this scenario is yet to be decided.

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