The Twelve-Week Challenge: Day 27

After yesterday’s blog, I came to realise that I’m not so great at writing when I’ve had a drink.  Whereas many a famous rock star has penned a best-selling single while drunk (or stoned), drinking (particularly wine) seems to only have the effect that it makes my writing rubbish.  My Life Coach, Jon, called me out on both Day 37  and yesterday’s blog, Day 28, noting that they weren’t quite up to the same standard as usual.  Both were written after a couple of glasses of wine, and while I do enjoy the odd glass (or two), I need to bear in mind that blog-writing should take place prior to wine-drinking…

With 27 days left til the end of this challenge, my full focus this week has been on finding a job.  Perhaps naively, I had imagined it would be easier to get a job than I thought.  So now I’m applying for as many jobs as I can.  While I’m determined not to have thrown away the last few years of my life, including finding the realisation that I want a job that I love, I am also aware that it may take time to find that job.  One thing I do want to do though, is to move to London, therefore I may need to take a job which I’m not too keen on in order to get moved sooner.

Although I haven’t had any interview requests so far, I am hopeful that there may be one or two on the horizon.  I had a reply from a recruitment company today after applying for a job that I could do with my eyes closed (having done a similar job for many years within the National Health Service).  They are “processing my application” and will be in touch.  At first, I was a little wary of this, because all I could think was that the job is less money than I was on before and it’s the only job I can get.  But then I changed my view: it’s with an international organisation, and this job would allow me to make my move south.  So we’ll see what happens.

It’s very important to me that I find a career that I love.  I’ve had little job satisfaction in the sixteen years and various job roles that I worked full-time, from the age of just 15.  If I could write this blog and get paid for it, that would make me happy.  But while that may take some time to happen, I’m going to have to find something else to do 9-5, to keep me going until I can get to that point.

I’m actually quite excited about the whole job-hunting (and preferably job-acquiring) journey.  When I quit my well-paid (for Lincolnshire) job in September 2011 to concentrate on my degree (only to suspend my studies three months later!), I didn’t think I would ever want to work again.  I did some temp work the following March to July, which was more for the money than anything else, as it wasn’t a job that I especially enjoyed.  But now, having 95% of my final year finally out of the way, I’m looking forward to getting back into the workplace, making new friends, and getting that all important payslip at the end of the month.

The last seven years has been about finding out who I am and what I want to do; where I want to be.  I know I don’t want a job that I dislike, but sometimes, as a good friend once kept telling me, “a little bit of suffering is necessary”.  I truly believe that, and so while my first job back in London may not be my dream job, it will be the one that keeps the smile on my face, because it means I’m finally on the path to that job I will love with all my heart.


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