The Twelve-Week Challenge: Day 29

Well, it’s Day 29, and why do I suddenly feel like time is going too fast on this challenge?  While the countdown was in the 30s, it still seemed like ages but now it’s down to the twenties, you just know it’s going to go super fast.

After meeting with my Study Coach yesterday at uni, I had set myself the challenge of seeing every day as a 9-5 job.  I did set my alarm for 8am as planned, although I got out of bed at ten past nine.  Technically I was ten minutes late for my first day at work, but I figured they always let you start late on your first day.

Somewhat surprisingly, I stuck at it all day.  With the exception of lunchtime, when I had to pop out, I sat in front of my computer all day applying for jobs.  I set up a spreadsheet so I could record which jobs I’d applied for and what date.  I even contacted a couple of people about rooms in shared houses.  Today has been a successful first day.

I’m looking forward to getting up tomorrow, for my second day of work.  I need some structure in my life.  It’s time to put that structure in place now, especially since I have closed the door on something major today.  When I nipped out at lunchtime, I went to the County Court to apply for my Decree Absolute.  The lady behind the glass told me that, as of 1:03pm, I was now officially divorced.

After more than three years, it’s official.  My longest relationship with a man, other than a blood relative, is over.  While I’ll never forget the ten years we spent together, it’s time to move on.  Life is waiting.


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