The Twelve-Week Challenge: Day 42

So I slightly extended my own deadline for my dissertation.  As the official deadline is not until Monday, I will be finishing my dissertation tomorrow and handing it into the security office.  While I still have work to do on it, I can’t actually believe that I am so close to finally having it handed it.  It’s been a part of my life for almost two years now, and I’m pleased to say, that despite a little wobble a few weeks back, I am actually enjoying writing my dissertation.  I’m even, would you believe, enjoying putting the referencing in!  For anyone who is not academic, referencing involves noting the details of a book’s title, author, publishing company, city and page number.  Might sound simple, but it does get a bit complicated, and can be a bit mundane.  I realised the other day that I incorrectly referenced in my assignments that I did before Christmas, although only because I put a reference in the body of the text rather than in the footnote at the bottom (I now understand what my tutor meant when he said to do it differently so there’s more room for work!).

Aside from getting it referenced and proof-checked, I also need to get it bound.  Not had to have any other assignments bound before, so I’m not sure what the process is, although I’m sure there will be queues in the library for it.  I remember in the first year we were told by one of our tutors not to put our work in those plastic, shiny wallets, because it’s a nightmare when they’re trying to mark them on the train…

Anyway, not quite sure why I am reminiscing about uni like this, when I have a dissertation to finish, so let me cover the rest of the blog and then I can get back to it.

Today I had another thanks-but-no email from yet another publishing company.  While it’s nice to know that I can rule out that particular job, it’s disappointing to know that I haven’t even been shortlisted.   So I’m going to tell myself it’s because it’s not the right time yet, and that there’s a better job waiting down the line.

You may remember a few days ago I mentioned a phone call I’d had from a recruitment company about a job in my home city.  Well turns out it wasn’t anything spectacular, just a recruitment job itself.  As much as I’d love to find other people jobs, I think I’d rather concentrate on getting myself one first, thanks.

Anyway, time to get this done, and by this time tomorrow, I should be reporting that my dissertation is printed, bound and handed in.  I can’t wait.




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