The Twelve-Week Challenge: Day 37

After the great progress of the last few days, today I didn’t get quite as much work as I wanted to do.  I’m working on Chapter Four – A Gate at the Stairs by Lorrie Moore – and although it covers many of the same themes as the other four books, it is not quite so straightforward as the others.  As a result, the chapter is not quite flowing in the way it should, which is giving me a headache.

As well as the metaphorical headache I’ve had from Chapter Four, around 4pm I got a real headache.  It feels like I’ve been stabbed in the back of the head – and the knife is coming out the other side of my skull, through my right eye.  It’s now 10pm and the headache is still there, not as intense all the time, thankfully, but bad enough to make me want to lie down and close my eyes and will it to disappear.  Not the kind of thing you want to be dealing with during the last week of your dissertation.  Anyway, this is the third headache in as many days, although the first two lasted only maybe 20 minutes tops.

Aside from the headache from hell, I’ve had a Fleetwood Mac soundtrack running through my life this week.  But this is no bad thing.  With great hits such as Go Your Own Way, which will always remind me of my trip to Italy in 2009 to see Eric (Martin) and being stranded in Venice due to the volcanic ash cloud; after I’d gotten over the panic of not being able to get a flight home, I headed into Venice and had dinner at the Hard Rock Café.  Go Your Own Way was playing, and I remember feeling proud that I was in Venice, in a restaurant on my own, eating dinner.  I was going my own way.

After this blog post is done, I shall be giving up and going to bed.  After my headache started, I headed to bed for a two-and-a-half-hour snooze, which didn’t really help at all.  But I figure I’m going to need my strength for the rest of this week, so an early night is probably for the best.  As everybody keeps reminding me, I’m nearly finished now, I just need to keep going.  And the last few days I have been enjoying working on my dissertation.  After feeling recently like I’d had enough of university and really didn’t care about my assignments, I’ve got the enjoyment factor back.  I just wish it didn’t come with such a headache.

Anyhow, I’m waffling so I’d best head off.  But I’ll leave you the link to Fleetwood Mac – in case you want to go your own way too…




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