The Twelve-Week Challenge: Day 37

Right now I am so excited, and so proud of myself.  This morning I hit the 10,000 word count on my dissertation, and this evening I have completed Chapter One, with Chapter Three almost done.  I feel pleasantly surprised that I have actually managed to work all day, with the exception of a couple of hours’ nap during tea time, which is probably what has kept me going until now.

I am going to enjoy my positivity while I can, because with less than a week until my dissertation is due, I realise there is still plenty of time for panic.  However, if I can keep going this week like I have done today, then there should be no problem with getting it finished.  Of course, anyone who has done a degree will know that referencing your sources is a bitch, and extremely time-consuming.  If I don’t go crazy over finishing the content of my work, then the referencing is likely to turn me into a complete fruit-loop.

As well as having made great steps forward today, I’ve also done some preparation for tomorrow.  By this, I mean I have printed off my drafts of Chapters Two and Four, but this does mean that after I have my morning coffee, I can read through them while watching Frasier.  As someone who never makes packed lunches or prepares an outfit for the following day, you should be impressed that I’ve actually done something that will save me a job in the morning (and also mean I have no excuse should I not feel as work-inclined as I have today).

Ironically, the weather today has done nothing but rain.  Well, tell a lie, it did sleet a bit.  But it’s been overcast and pretty horrible all day.  As a sufferer of SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder), today could have meant a lack of enthusiasm; but instead I think the rain actually spurred me on.  This country’s inclination towards inclement weather is wearing me down, and after 34 years, I’ve had enough of it.  Once uni is finished, I’ll have the chance to move elsewhere, or at least towards the South of England, where it may be slightly warmer most of the time.  A random discussion today also gave me an idea for a new place to look at relocating to, but my piratey instincts are telling me to keep this to myself for now.

It’s now 11:20pm, and I hear my bed calling me.  But I shall be going to bed with a smile on my face, for today has been a successful day, and with it has come hope for the future, and the promise of a new life.  Time to switch off my laptop, make a hot water bottle, and go to sleep, ready to start again in the morning.


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