The Twelve-Week Challenge: Day 25

Tonight I am reminded of a journey I took almost three years ago. Two months after separating from my husband, I made the trip to Italy, to see my favourite singer, Eric Martin, who you may or may not remember from 90s band Mr. Big. They had big hair, skinny jeans and a number 3 song in the UK, and number 1 in the US. The song was called To Be With You. I fell in love with the band in 1991, and I think they were my first true love, and the one that has stayed with me through my life. Some people may think of them as a one-hit wonder, but they actually released several albums, and Eric, as a solo artist, has a few under his belt too.

Tonight was emotional in many ways. Travelling to Nottingham’s Rock City to see Eric’s solo tour, I felt the passion of the songs I knew so well in the acoustic version played on the stage in front of me, by Eric and only his guitar. As has happened so many times before, I’ve listened to his songs and it’s like he is singing my life. He is a performer I will never tire of seeing. It’s interesting that I should have seen him in Udine, shortly after the journey of discovery began for me, and have seen him once again, as this chapter draws to a close. His songs have been the soundtrack to my life, and will continue to be for many years to come. After the gig, I got to meet Eric once again, and he signed my ticket stub and posed for a photograph. I told him that I went to see him in Italy a few years ago, did he remember? “The Black Stuff,” he answered (the name of the Irish bar in Udine in which he performed). “We were talking in that guy’s house,” he added, with a smile. And that’s where my life got interesting, three years ago. I had tried unsuccessfully to get anyone to go with me. But I was determined to make the trip. The bar manager had a friend who was hosting an after party in his penthouse apartment, across the street from the bar. After waiting in line to meet Eric three years ago, and get my photo taken, I was so over the moon I didn’t want to go back to my hotel so soon. So I sat at the bar and ordered a pint. I got talking to the bar manager, telling him i had made the trip from
England alone, and the next thing you know, I was being invited to the after party with him and his friends.

Travelling to Italy to meet my favourite ever singer, Eric Martin, and being invited to the show after party, was the highlight of a very difficult year!

Travelling to Italy to meet my favourite ever singer, Eric Martin, and being invited to the show after party, was the highlight of a very difficult year!

It was very surreal to be miles from home and suddenly be thrust into a situation where I’m talking to the man whose voice had carried me through my hellish high school years, my difficult twenties, and my current hardship of 30-something. But I enjoyed chatting with him, and I know that if I hadn’t made that journey alone, I would not have been offered the chance to join the after party. As if the whole thing couldn’t get a more strange, I was offered a lift back to my hotel, when Eric and the band realised I was staying in the same hotel as them. As the band made their way into the hotel (they had rooms in a different building to me), Eric and I stood outside in the cold where he gave me advice on life and love, before we said goodnight, and I returned to my room with a huge smile on my face.

Almost three years later: reunion in Nottingham, UK, March 2013 🙂

Sometimes amazing things do happen when you least expect them. Seeing Eric has reminded me tonight that, although I’ve done no Uni work today, I did apply for some jobs this morning, and if you believe in the future, anything can happen.


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