The Twelve-Week Blog: Days 14, 15 and 16

Before you say it, I know.  Technically, I have failed in this challenge.  The fact that I am writing the last three days’ blogs in one go speaks volumes.  I know my mission, should I have chosen to accept it, which I did, which makes this all the worse, is that I would blog EVERY DAY and at least report on which progress or not I had made towards a) finishing my university degree and b) planning for the future.

If you read Day 13’s blog, then you’ll know that I have been away for the weekend.  Some people probably wouldn’t have taken the time out during a challenge like this.  But I’m not some people.  I had an opportunity to go away, to relax, to spend some time with friends.  And so I did.

As you might expect, there wasn’t a great deal of progress made toward either uni work or future plans, despite discussing with my friends possible scenarios for the future.

Nevertheless, I promised you a daily report, so, here’s the last three days bundled up together for you, and remember, better late than not at all.

Day 14: Friday: The Man From Gibraltar, He Say…No

I didn’t do any work on my dissertation or other assignments today.  Instead, I spent a very cold day at Robin Hood’s bay, and at lunchtime, when we’d given up trying to find a fish and chip shop and gone with jacket potato and tuna (the same ingredients, if a slightly different, healthier outcome), I answered my phone to a caller, whose number was Blocked.  Hoping it would be the man from Gibraltar, and it was, I made my way out of the bustling café and into the cold to speak to him.

The man from Gibraltar is a recruitment consultant, to whom I had sent a copy of my CV to a few days before, for a writing job. I had been expecting his call for a few days.  What I wasn’t expecting was the Spanish Inquisition.  Basically, my experience in writing wasn’t enough for that particular job, and why should they relocate me for an admin job when they have plenty of people locally who can do it.  Anyhow, perhaps it is just too long since I have been to an interview, but it shook me, on a day when I’d just got my period and was feeling hormonal, and so before I’d even got off the phone, I was in tears.  I couldn’t stop for a long time, and most of my tears went into my jacket potato.  I felt low.

Day 15: Saturday and Day 16: Sunday

I did nothing towards uni work or job hunting on either of these days.  Partly because I still felt low, partly because I was away and hadn’t planned to be doing anything anyway, because I knew I would be busy.  I received an email from my lecturer telling me I will be doing my presentation next Friday, so this means I have to get prepared on what I’m going to write my assignment about, which is basically the purpose of the presentation.

I’m home after my weekend away and I’m exhausted, for one after my weekend away, which was a well-deserved break but also meant a few late nights, and after a long chat with one of my housemates over a certain situation affecting them.  Tomorrow I should have more to report on the blog, but for now, I need sleep.


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