The Twelve-Week Challenge: Day 11

I’m writing Day 11’s blog quite early for me (10pm is early), mainly because for the last hour or so I’ve had a headache, and now I feel a bit sick as well.  I’m inclined to think it’s because I had far too much carrot and coriander soup at dinner, and also because I’m tired, but whatever the reason, I think I will be in bed fairly soonish.

After the difficult weekend that culminated in the Day 9 blog, which you can read here, , I’ve been really positive the last two days.  Maybe it’s the weather; maybe it’s because I finally got some job applications sent off and thus I feel like it’s easier now I’ve done the first one, but I feel like I’ve moved forward.

Today I saw another job, this time in a slightly more exotic location.  I only had time to start the cover letter after I saw the job advert, which I unfortunately didn’t get time to finish before I had to dash off to uni, but is on my To Do list when I wake up first thing in the morning.  As well as feeling more positive having applied for more jobs, I received a reply from one company regarding a job I applied for.  Although it looked like just a standard thanks-but-no-thanks letter, I was pleasantly surprised as I was under the impression that they didn’t contact you unless they wanted to invite you for an interview.  So despite the fact that it wasn’t a successful application, I now know that I haven’t got that particular job and can stop wondering about it, and I can feel good that some organisations do at least contact the unsuccessful people too.

Apart from what I’ve done recently towards finding a job, today I wrote 400 words on my dissertation.  I’m up to 8,400 words now, with only another 1,600 to go (probably nearer 2,000 since I’m likely to use the 10% leeway to go over).  My dissertation is coming together now, and my voice, which was starting to be lost, is now coming through loud and clear.

My head is still pounding, and my bed is calling me.  So apart from that, I’m feeling good, and I’m looking forward to another productive day tomorrow.



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