The Twelve-Week Challenge: Day 4

I hate to admit this, but this blog is late.  Currently it’s 59 minutes overdue; we are now into Day 5 of The Twelve-Week Challenge.  Normally I would be going into a mad panic about how I can’t do anything, but tonight I feel just fine.  And I do have a really good excuse for being late.

I have done no university work today, although I do feel like I have made a big step forward with regards to what I’m going to do after the twelve weeks.  Tonight I attended a Careers event organised by my university faculty.  A panel of alumni from English, History and Media degrees came to give a talk about what they had done since university, and any advice they could give to us current graduans.  There were two alums in attendance who have worked in publishing, and since that is the career I wish to follow, I was most interested in what they had to say.  One has had various jobs working within publishing and now works for a Literary Festival, the other has recently completed a Masters in Publishing and is currently doing some freelance work for publishers.  Both reassured me that my 16 years’ office experience would be a huge asset when it came to applying for publishing roles, and having spent time chatting with both them and fellow students at the drinks session afterwards, I feel like there is hope.

So this blog may be coming to you slightly overdue, but I had a good excuse.  My phone died earlier in the evening otherwise I could have used the WordPress app on my iPhone to post this blog, although in fairness I thought I would be home about 8pm; I wasn’t expecting that a group of us would be out talking until gone 12am.  But I would say a good time was had by all, and it’s the best university social event I’ve been to for a long time.  I’ve even made a few new friends.  All in all, a good day.  Now bedtime, prior to another busy day tomorrow…I mean, today.



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