Roses are red…

…violets are blue

I hate Valentine’s Day

It makes me feel like poo.

No, my blog hasn’t been taken over by an eight year old.  Although having watched Home Alone last night, I am convinced that Hollywood eight year olds at least, are the stuff of genius.

Childish poetry aside, here I am during this week that I dread.  I had a discussion with some friends about it at uni today and they were all like, oh it doesn’t bother me.  Well, yes, of course it doesn’t bother people who are in a relationship.  It’s only the singletons out here who despise Valentine’s Day.  I had only just started my blog before last Valentine’s Day, and I actually wrote some fairly positive blogs,  despite being single.  But I can’t help feeling grumpy this year, maybe because yet again I am single for Valentine’s, with not even a whiff of a date.

I saw a funny picture on Facebook today with a caption that read, “If you’re sad about being alone on Valentine’s Day, just remember nobody loves you on any other day of the year either.”  Which did make me laugh.  A little.  Before I remembered that, unfortunately, it was true.

But I think I know why February is such a hard month for me.  While February 14th is a reminder of my singledom, February 1st is a reminder of the date I ended my marriage.  Although I do not regret my decision, I sometimes think I expected to have become more settled into my new life by now, and at least, three years later, to have been dating someone else.  But that is not to be.  No wonder I find myself looking at dating websites again, but after my last internet dating encounter, I am hesitant.  Plus, I have The Twelve-Week Challenge to think about, and nowhere in there does it allow time for dating.  But maybe when I’ve finished uni, and I am getting settled  into wherever I’m going to be, it’ll be time to try again.

For now though, I do have two dates in February to count down to.  The first, February 26th, is the date my divorce will go before the court.  It’s been a long time coming, and will finally give us both the opportunity to move on.  The second is something much more exciting, and one which gives me something to look forward to in February: my nephew Jamie’s first birthday!!!  Of course, he was born on February 29th last year, being a leapling baby, so he’ll be celebrating on February 28th and for a few days after that.  I guess February is not all bad, since I do have one little man willing to give me lots and lots of love and hugs.




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  1. djmatticus
    Feb 12, 2013 @ 21:48:45

    Always good to find some positives in there where you can.


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