The Twelve-Week Challenge – Introduction

I have twelve weeks until all my uni work needs to be in, and then I will be a free woman.  I am rubbish at self-discipline, which is obvious since otherwise I would have graduated with the rest of the class of 2012.  So I am setting myself a challenge – to keep myself accountable for getting it done.  Every day, for the next twelve weeks, I plan to write a blog, charting my progress…or not.  I mean my non-progress, not my non-blog.  For once I am going to follow something through.  I intend to write these on top of my normal blogs, I use the word ‘normal’ loosely, of course…..  In the words of my Life Coach, Jon Richelieu-Booth, it’s not real until you schedule it.  So I have scheduled a daily alarm on my iPhone for 9pm, labelled as “Have you blogged today?!”

So watch this space, for the day one blog later today.  Have faith in me; I’m going to do my best to have faith in myself.


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