The Twelve-Week Challenge: Day 1

Well, as promised, here’s the first instalment of The Twelve-Week Challenge blog.  If you didn’t read the introduction earlier , then basically I have twelve weeks until my final piece of uni work has to be submitted.  Having suspended my final year in December 2011, I am aware of how crucial it is that I get my work done in order that I can graduate from the beautiful Lincoln cathedral in September of this year.

As my self-discipline and willpower is not at its best (well, let’s be honest, most of the time it’s pretty non-existent), I’ve set myself the task of reporting daily on my progress, both with getting my uni assignments finished, and with making plans for what I’m going to do with myself once I’ve completed these twelve weeks.  This is a way of keeping myself accountable, and it means I also have to write.  Can’t be a writer if you can’t write.

So, down to what you really want to know – what’s my progress?  Today I’ve written 150 words on my dissertation.  Not too much in the grand scheme of things; it’s a 10,000 word assignment, of which I have 7000 words written.  Today I have also shuffled a few paragraphs around.  I aim to write some more after this blog is written.

I haven’t done anything about the post-twelve-week stuff today.  But I showered, put make-up on, even straightened my hair.  And then I put on a black dress, tights, and my new beloved pair of Nine West heels, their first outing since  I put on some lipstick and made my way out…to the kitchen.  Where I joined my two housemates and some other Chinese friends for Chinese hotpot, to celebrate the Spring Festival, more commonly known as Chinese New Year.  I am frequently told by my housemates that I am Chinese, so why shouldn’t I use the Chinese New Year as the opportunity to re-make myself?

Too many times lately I’ve been in pyjamas all day, I’ve gone out without make-up, without even brushing my hair.  Making the effort today felt good, even if it was just to join my friends for some good food.  But most of all, every time I glanced in the mirror, I see a beautiful young woman.  The future is coming.  I’m ready for it now.

That leaves me with just one more thing to say: 恭禧發財.  Happy Chinese New Year everyone!



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