Sleeping Beautifully

I woke up today expecting a long, glorious Sunday ahead of me, as I had a long To-Do list.  When you’re a Lady of Leisure, you do get to sleep in a lot more than most people, but it’s still nice to sleep in on a Sunday.  Anyway, I checked my iPhone for the time.  Then I checked again.  It read 14:39.

I felt a bit like Marty McFly in Back to the Future.  1955?  14:39?  Seriously?  Yes.  Somehow, I’d gone to bed around 10pm on Saturday, got woken up by the Bish around 6am, then gone back to sleep until the middle of the afternoon.

I got up and my housemates couldn’t believe I had slept so long.  Even I couldn’t believe I’d slept so long.

I guess it’s been a busy week, after a stressful couple of weeks and I must have just been exhausted.  I still feel tired even now (nearly 8pm) although I have a feeling I won’t be getting an overly early night.

Our bodies have a remarkable way of telling us to take it easy.  Physical, as well as emotional strain can make us tired.  I obviously need to recharge and spend some time at home, rather than racing around from one place to another.  I check my diary ahead of a new week; another very busy week.  Jon Bon Jovi once sang, “I’ll sleep when I’m dead”.  I want to party when I’m dead, as I won’t have to worry about keeping on top of everything.  So for now, I shall try to keep on top of my sleep, like everything else.  Or else try not to be surprised when my body imposes a long period of sleep that encroaches on all the great plans I had for today.





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