Jogga-Blog No. 2

Some of you may remember that I recently went out jogging, which wasn’t such a great experience for me due to getting lost (yes, it’s true!  Read all about it here  Anyway, recently I seem to be eating more chocolate than ever, and with an eye on my weight, I keep thinking about how I need to start a) eating more healthy and b) doing more exercise.

After arrival of The Period on Wednesday night, I finally started to see through the fog that I seem to have suffered the last couple of weeks.  Today I got back from uni, chased up some radio stuff, then put my jogging gear on and a baseball cap, and feeling suitably American, went for a little run.

This time there was no grand running off in directions I didn’t know!  I stuck to the route, and when arriving at my destination, ran around it before returning from whence I came.  When I reached home I checked my watch – I’d been running for 35 minutes – and so got out my brand-new, pink yoga mat, and did, after a few seconds deliberation, 35 sit-ups.

It struck me as I smiled away to myself while posting on Facebook that I’d just had a spontaneous jog, that I will be 35 next birthday.  In five years, I will be 40.  But that’s not what’s really bothering me.  What’s getting to me is that I lost a stone and a half a couple of years ago due to major stress, and while I was very underweight, I felt great for it.  Add a bit of a tan, and I felt even better.

But the last ten months, especially since I suspended my studies last December, have seen me pile on the weight again.  It’s hardly surprising; you can’t expect to eat two Crunchies a day or half a packet of chocolate digestives in one sitting and not put any weight on.  I now weigh two pound more than my ideal weight for my height.  But I feel far from perfect.  My stomach is big and unfortunately does not contain a baby (except, perhaps, a food baby).  And something I always said before I lost all that weight before was that I wanted to lose weight before I had a baby, otherwise I feared I would never be able to.

Now I don’t have any plans to have a baby just now (sorry, parents), and besides it does take two to tango.  But I do know I would like to have a baby at some point before I have to remember to put my false teeth in water as well as sterilise the baby’s bottle.  Just to be on the safe side though, I should make sure I slim down, so that I can enjoy being slim and single, and so that losing baby weight isn’t impossible when it actually happens.

How on earth I started out a blog about jogging and ended up talking babies is beyond me.  But hey, I feel great!


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