The 34th Post

I just realised that my last post was my 33rd post.  33 posts and still lost in life?  Maybe.  But I finally feel like I’m on the right path.

Tomorrow I start my final year, re-taking the semester that I took last year, before suspending my studies in December.  And you know what? I’m excited about uni.  I’m excited to be writing essays, reading books, watching films.  When I say “final year”, of course, I don’t really mean a full twelve months.  I should have everything submitted by around May time next year, which is only eight months away. 

I realise I’m kind of waffling.  Today has been a PJ day, the weather being so crappy outside – the rain just hasn’t stopped – and I’d set myself the task of finishing Uncle Tom’s Cabin – that famous American piece of literature about slavery, which Abraham Lincoln himself admitted was what caused the Civil War.  The best thing, is that I DID finish it, I’m pleased to say.  Over the last few years, I’ve had some trouble finishing things, be it books, essays, relationships.  But I think I finally see how important it is to finish one thing, before you can move onto something else.  With Uncle Tom’s Cabin, I can now move onto preparing the presentation I’m going to be doing on it a week on Thursday.  In a surprise even to myself, I opted to do my presentation in the first week of class, so I could get it out the way.  I’m a little nervous, but confident that I can do it.  And once the presentation is complete, the accompanying paper, which is not due til the end of November, will be done too.  I finally feel like I’m ready to go at this third year with a vengeance. 

And now I feel sleepy.  At 12:50am, I think that’s a pretty good thing.  So I’ll say goodnight, and thanks for listening 🙂 


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