A Happy Blog For Once…Really?

I just want to say how grateful I am to my friends and family, especially those out there who have read my recent blog post Fight…or Flight http://wp.me/p2ayN0-4t and promptly contacted to check that I’m ok.  Of course, what this implies is that my blogs are a cry for help, which, I guess in a way they are.  But I haven’t suddenly started feeling like this.  I’ve been up and down for months, it’s only now that I’m finding myself ready and able to put my mind to e-paper.  But that doesn’t mean I spend all day weeping into my handkerchief.  No, sometimes, I know, this is a shocker, I actually laugh and smile and have fun. 

So I figure I should probably make an effort to write more blog posts with happy thoughts.  I mean, people don’t want to read about depressive thoughts, behaviour and others’ misfortune.  No, they want to read about sex.  Or at least that’s what I’m hearing with endless people asking me, “Have you read 50 Shades of Grey?” then being uber-surprised when I say no.  Is this because it’s a book, or it’s a book about sex?  Answers on a postcard please.

Anyway, back onto happy thoughts (but thoughts about sex are…never mind).  Today I have actually been working on my dissertation, which has been the Holy Grail of my existence for the last seven months since I suspended my degree in American Studies at the University of Lincoln.  And in case my Dad is reading this, I have been working on my dissertation since I stopped my temp job a week ago, although that has included much reading of women’s novels rather than making notes or reading academic books.

Today, while soaking up the elusive sunshine in the back garden (you never know how long it’s gonna last) I have been making aforementioned notes and reading about women’s literature from an academic point of view.  In a bid to get out of the sunshine, and to see if I have received any mail, I skipped (yes, I’m in that much of a good mood), to the front door where, lo and behold, on the mat there was an envelope with one of my old second year essays in, that had been found during a clear out of the Faculty Office.  I excitedly looked at the mark in the top right hand corner – 68.  Non-students and US students will probably imagine this to be somewhere near rubbish, being a huge 32 points off 100.  Students in the UK will know this is a pretty good grade, only one point off a First grade of 70 (because, let’s face it, no student in the history of the world has ever been given a grade of 69, for reasons the Fifty Shades of Grey readers and anyone in general really, will thoroughly understand).

As well as being an excellent mark, the assignment was my first toe-step into the realms of American Literature, or more specifically, women’s literature.  This being the broad topic of my dissertation, and featuring two of the same texts (books, for all you non-academics) as my dissertation, was a reassuring reminder of my ability to a) write an assignment and b) to actually sound like I know what I’m talking about.  Re-reading my paper, with my tutor’s positive comments scrawled alongside my typed text, had me thinking, this sounds pretty good.  Did I really write this?!

The answer, of course, is yes.  It wasn’t easy; I remember this essay (together with the other one and a half I wrote during Christmas break 2011) was a struggle to write.  But I’m going to forget about that, and instead focus on the fact that I can write an essay and get a great mark to boot!

The other happy thought I’m going to leave you with…I got post today.  And it wasn’t a bill! Hooray 🙂


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