I Ham What I Ham

So anyway, I’ve just spent some time writing a blog post, and the whole time my iPhone 3GS has been doing this weird switching-on-switching-off-switching-on thing.  Which is bizarre, because all I did was take a picture of some ham.

Yes, you did hear that right.  More specifically, I took a picture of a heart…in the ham.  (Oh my god, I can hear the sirens coming to get me already).

I wear my heart…on my ham

Like those crazy pictures you see in The Sun, of people who’ve seen Jesus Christ in a loaf of bread, or Elvis in a turnip, I am now seeing hearts in ham.  Since my long visit to the States last year, I seem to see hearts everywhere I go. I have to admit this is the first one in a while, and the first one in foodstuff (I don’t think chewing gum counts).

Anyhow, I just thought I’d share this with you.  I mean, it’s 6am.  What else could I possibly be doing?



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