Get It Write: Amendments to 3 pounds 9 ounces and loving life…

First of all, I have to apologise.  To my brother, Baz and his girlfriend, Emma, parents of my recently born nephew, Jamie.  Although they were happy with my last blog post, they did point out a few errors, mainly related to days of the week!  I told you I had a problem with concentration; but I didn’t realise I had such a problem with knowing what day it is!  The other main error, which I’m ashamed to say, is that I got Baz’s age wrong.  He is in fact, 29 and a half!! Not 28 as I had stated.  Maybe the fact that my little brother is not so little any more, that he’ll be 30 in September, that he’s father to a beautiful little boy, is still catching up with me.  He’s not the little boy who used to go downstairs in the mornings and raid the biscuit tin with me, or who used to play on his plastic road mat with his hundreds of dinky cars, or used to beat me at Lotus Esprit Turbo Challenge (sometimes!) on our old Amiga. 

He now has responsibilities on those broad shoulders, far more important than those that I have.  But I look into his eyes and I know he’s ready to accept them.  Again, more than I am with my lesser responsibilities. 

So I apologise to Baz for trying to make him younger, although I reckon he’ll be begging me to once he hits his 30s!

The other errors I made in reporting the story is that he went to Worksop for the first time on Monday, when actually it was Tuesday and the day Emma went into labour was Tuesday 28th, not Monday.

The other thing, rather more important thing I got wrong was the day of the week that Jamie was born. It was a Wednesday, the 29th February 2012 when Jamie entered the world, not a Friday.  I knew that.  And it only happened just over two weeks ago.  How could I get that wrong?

I’ve been noticing lately that my spelling is not as good as it used to be.  I have always considered myself an expert speller, although recently, when I’m typing, I will type a different spelling to a word, ie I recently confused wear for where.  I recently had a test for dyslexia which did not indicate signs of dyslexia, although I was told that depression can cause similar problems. 

For myself, as a writer, it’s been an interesting experience having to make corrections to my blog.  Having worked in a job which required a high level of attention to detail, and myself being rather a perfectionist, I hate the idea of any of my pieces of writing going out with errors.  As I’m also an honest person, I would rather hold my hand up and say I made a mistake (or four) than hide behind a computer screen.  To me, its important that the truth is told, be it the day of the week, a person’s age or how I feel. 

Anyway, I have made the amendments to my original blog post.  But I state here the errors I made for all to see.  I know I’m not perfect, and neither was my blog post.  But to me, Baz, Emma and the rest of our family and friends. little Jamie is, and always will be. ❤ 



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