Quick! Someone’s Coming!

So I just had two requests for my blog address, from two new friends.  Both whom I met through Twitter, @junegirl0603, who I met up with in New York last week for Brunch and @myrandomjukebox.  They say they want to read my blog.  Which is great.  Except, erm, it only has one post so far.

I was embarrassed to admit this to them, but I did anyway.  Both of them have their own blogs (www.thislifeinwriting.com and www.myrandomjukebox.blogspot.com) which they’ve been writing for a while.  I started this blog about two weeks ago and this is only my second post.  Only written after someone asked to see it.  A bit like only doing your homework if you know your tutor is going to ask you to prove it. 

So two blogs in two weeks!  One a week…I’m not great at maths but I don’t think that’s particularly productive for a writer.  As I mentioned in my last post, I have a hard time concentrating and finding motivation. 

Now I know I AM 33, and I probably don’t need someone watching over me to make sure I tidy my bedroom and do my homework.  But right now, I do.  I hate to admit it, but if I know I have to do something otherwise someone’s gonna know, then I’m more likely to do it. 

One day soon I know I’ll be able to do things of my own accord.  But until then, I thank my new friends for supporting me.  Just as I support them back. 

I guess I should make one more thank you before I sign off, rush to put my make up on and get dressed before going to an author event at my uni.  That’s thank you to Twitter.  I know when you first came out, I doubted you.  I thought how silly.  I didn’t have faith in you.  And I only joined you because somebody asked me to Tweet them in that they might help me with my career.  But since I’ve known you, I just want to say that you have proved me wrong.  Not only have you brought new friends into my life, you’ve brought me inspiration and hope for the future.  I’m honoured to be your friend, Twitter.  Thank you for having faith in me even though I didn’t give you the same right from the start.  I hope one day you can forgive me. I know now how hard it is to make people have faith in you from the beginning.  But as long as you lead, others will follow.


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